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Listino Prezzi

Listino Prezzi
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La Bottega delle Candele” is a workshop specialised in the production of artistic candles completely hand-made, where you can very often admire the artisan during the whole working cycle.

The execution of each candle requires different steps among which the most charming is the immersion in colored wax and the carving.

The result is a unique piece of art, the product of fantasy and creativity.

Our candles are produced with top quality materials each one giving off different fragrances wich go well together different colours and can be decorated with flowers and fruits.

An artistic candle can be an high-class piece of furniture or a beautiful present you can give to remember the most important days of your life such as marriage, christening, haly communion, confirmation, anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation party.

You can also offer an artistic candle to your customers as a gadget, souvenir or simply as a small present to advertise your company on the market.

You can obviously choose among different colours and you can make them even more original with names of people, or places, or short dedications.

Come and visit us

You will have the opportunity to assist to a charming artisan production surrounded by an astonishing landscape….

Caorle is an extraordinary place. This beautiful and graceful village on the Adriatic Coast is characterized by a beautiful historical center, with its typical small streets and squares similar to the ones you find in Venice.

Caorle offers its tourists  history, fun, culture, and relax. 

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