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Listino Prezzi

Listino Prezzi
From the origins of candles to nowadays

The use of candles, as a  source of lighting, dates back to the ancient Romans and continued for ages till electric power was discovered. In the ancient times wax was moulded to create little statues of gods, toys for children, tables for writing.

It was also employed in arts by the Greeks and the Romans and you can find some examples of these techniques in wall paintings in Pompei.

Nowadays wax is employed to make candles for religions purposes and interior decorations.

In religions ceremonies the candle is a symbol of light, rebirth and purification, for example during Christening and Easter.

Moreover candles can easily be nice decorations giving light, warmth and colour tohouses and gardens.

In particular occasions, like outdoor  parties or wedding receptions, they create a magical atmosphere.

Recently they have become very up-to-date and you can find a lot of kinds of candles on the market.

Hand-made candles are particularly charming, because they can be moulded in various forms and coloured and perfumed in different ways.

Being expression of creativity they are considered artistic candles and can be an original idea for your presents.

They can be a shining present for Christmas, a particular souvenir from a place just visited, on useful business gadget.

They can be decorated as you prefer and become keepsakes  (bombonnieres) to celebrate a special event (Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Anniversaries, University degree).

In our shop “Bottega delle candele” you can find artistic candles produeted   with  such an experience, care and love that they will be surely appreciated for their quality and originality.

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