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Listino Prezzi

Listino Prezzi
Sales conditions
Payment schedule:
1) Bank Transfer: Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia - Agency Caorle,
IBAN: IT82 HO63 4536 0200 7401 6862 67H
To: La Bottega of Candles .- Via Roma, 22 - 30021 - Caorle (VE)
2) Money Order: Intestato at La Bottega of Candles .- Via Roma, 22 - 30021 - Caorle (VE)
The goods will be sent to the customer only later to corresponding payment or receipt of the transfer, or money order.

Minimum order
€ 30.00 plus shipping
On the whole Italian territory
Up to 5 kg via postal service:
Parcel ordinary: € 7.00
Parcel swift 3: € 9.00
Parcel delivery in 1 day: € 13.00

For costs related to deliveries over 5 kg or outside the boundaries Italians contact "La Bottega of Candles."
If the shipment is made with the carrier and the packaging is damaged or tampered please indicate bubble acceptance subject. La Bottega of Candles, or decline all responsibility for any breaks.
Product Prices
Prices include VAT.
According to Article 5 of D.L. 185/99 regulating distance contracts, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase contract without specifying the reason within 10 days from the date of receipt of goods. These are the exact ways to exercise the right of withdrawal:
1) Send a letter with return receipt, with the communication of withdrawal, at the following address: La Bottega of Candles - Via Roma, 22 - 30021 Caorle (VE) and have data to make the transfer.
2) The goods must be returned in perfect condition and without tamper with the original packaging to the following address: The Bottega of Candles - Via Roma, 22 - 30021 Caorle (VE)
3) The shipping of return shall be borne by the customer who rejects the contract of purchase. Parcels cash or in port assigned, will be rejected.
4) The repayment will take place within 30 days after receipt of merchandise and the sum paid to the customer will be reduced by the shipping and possible mark.
NOTE: The goods must be returned in its original packaging so pack should not be opened or bear signs of tampering. Furthermore, "La Bottega of Candles" is not responsible for any damage to goods during transport ritorno.Pertanto will not be returned no refund if tampered goods.
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